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Update: Next Vocal Scat Workshop will be held in New York City on Wednesday, February 6th from 6:30-9:30pm with vocalist Tony Jefferson, bassist Paul Beaudry and special guest vocalist Dee Daniels. Sign up on the right to find out more information.

Welcome to the Vocal Scat Workshop!

This workshop is designed to teach the basics of music for singers as it applies to jazz improvisation and leading a band that are often overlooked in the private vocal lesson and especially for those that are self-taught.

The primary purpose of this workshop is to teach scat and close the gap of communication between singers and instrumentalists.

We are using vocal scat as the way to help singers understand music the way instrumentalists do and to increase levels of confidence and skill to be able to improvise on the melody and to scat a solo as well.

Understanding the music the same way an instrumental improvisor does opens up many doors of:

  1. communication and creativity and, of course, leads to 
  2. better performances.

Every workshop will be slightly different but workshop topics include:

  • Basics of music theory from the improvisor’s perspective
  • Basic working piano voicings for the vocalist
  • How musicians prefer to read a lead sheet
  • How to count off a song to bring in the band the way YOU want them to come in
  • What makes jazz singing different from other styles
  • Warm up vocal exercises for the improviser
  • Scat vocal exercises
  • Your practicing and performing path to becoming a jazz vocal scat singer

Also featured will be performances by a world class guest vocalist + trio (Update: For February 6th featuring Tony Jefferson – vocalist/drums, Dee Daniels – guest vocalist, with TBA – piano, and Paul Beaudry – bass)

Every workshop will include a masterclass section where select vocalists will have a chance to perform for everyone and get critique by instructors and participants.

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