Next Workshop

Our next workshop will be on Feb. 6th in NYC from 6:30-9:30pm. For location details sign up through the ADD TO CART button. Only 30 participants will be allowed and due to space constraints and we will cut off registration after 30 sign ups. First come, first serve.

Topics on Feb 6th include:

  • Vocal Scat warmups and exercises
  • Basics of the Music Theory: The Blues
  • Basic working piano voicings for the vocalist: The Blues
  • Exploring the blues
  • Breaking down a Sarah Vaughan solo
  • How to make elements of Sarah Vaughan part of YOUR vocabulary
  • Masterclass for select vocalists
  • Performances by the trio featuring vocalists Dee Daniels and Tony Jefferson


There will be a raffle.

  • 1 participant will get their money refunded making this workshop FREE for them
  • 1 participant will get 45 MINUTES OF STUDIO TIME FOR FREE WITH THE RHYTHM SECTION at a time and date agreed upon by all parties. The winners of this prize will walk away with a rough mix of the recording that they may use for whatever they would like.

There are 30 registrations open only. ONLY $49!!! See you on the other side!